photo by Danny Corey


Bryan Curt Kostors is a composer, performer, producer, teacher, conductor, and media creator. his work explores place and landscape as a compositional force, and uses diverse stylistic voices to create evocative and dynamic music for the concert stage, film, dance, and commercial works. Collaborative music-making and multimedia are a central component of his practice.

Bryan’s music has been performed internationally by ensembles such as the Lyris Quartet, the Wuhan Philharmonic, NOW Ensemble, the Mivos Quartet, Hocket, the USC Thornton Symphony Orchestra, and the Downey Symphony Orchestra. His collaborations with choreographer Laurie Sefton have been recently performed in New York, San Fransisco, and in Los Angeles with premieres at Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Nate Holden Theatre. He has written scores for award-winning short films and commercials, working collaboratively with filmmaker Danny Corey on numerous projects.

Bryan is also an active film and multimedia creator, working in directing, writing, technology and production design. Much of his work in electronic and electroacoustic music explores ways to connect stylistically diverse media elements into cohesive audience experiences.

Bryan performs in two pop music ensembles – the synth-pop duo Queenager, and the instrumental drum and synth duo Tech Czar.

Bryan is currently the department chair of composition, music technology, and theory at the University of Montana School of Music.