the river is everywhere

full film and soundtrack coming soon

The River is Everywhere tells the story of a woman who embarks on a journey following the rivers of the Pacific Northwest in order to seek answers about the struggles she faces in her life, moving westward as she discovers more about herself.

The River is Everywhere was filmed over the course of four days in multiple locations along rivers in Washington and Oregon, as well as downtown Portland and the Pacific coast. The score is for piano and synthesizer, orchestrated and composed as a sonic mirror to the main character’s own search for answers.

I worked with long-time friend and collaborator Danny Corey to create the film, with Danny’s keen eye behind the camera lens giving the film its beautiful, artful, and cinematic look. Actress Zoe Rose Curzi takes on the role of our lead character, bringing a deep and thoughtful presence to the story and screen.

  • created, written, directed, and edited by:

    Bryan Curt Kostors

  • Director of Photography:

    Danny Corey

  • Starring:

    Zoe Rose Curzi

  • Score:

    Bryan Curt Kostors

  • Color:

    Nick Metcaff

  • funding provided by:

    The Montana Arts Council

behind the scenes